Rental Violins, Violas & Cellos

Here are just a few reasons why you should choose Beau Vinci Violins as your partner on this journey...

  • Teacher and luthier recommended. Beau Vinci's rental instrument is the best in the region.
  • The quality of craftsmanship in our workshop is second to none.  Our head luthier is a violin family specialist and graduate of N.S.V.M. in Nottinghamshire, England. A formally trained luthier is a must for any serious violin shop.
  • Upgraded strings & tailpiece. What many shops consider an upgrade is standard for our instruments.
  • Maintenance included. Our full time professional luthier will ensure that you spend your time making music, not waiting on a repair.
  • No length of contract. Rent a great instrument for a month or a year and cancel with no penalty.
  • Apply FULL rental payments toward a purchase. Use equity from your rental payments to upgrade.  And yes, the whole payment may be applied toward a purchase, not just a portion.
  • Insurance Included: Any damages that exceed the security deposit are fully insured, so if you run over it in the driveway, you won't have to buy it.
  • Convenience: Order and pay online.  You're done in moments.
  • Fully refundable security deposit.

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